On 12 July 1914 the arms were transferred from a German tugboat to Childers's yacht, the Asgard, and to the Kelpie owned and operated by Edward Conor Marshall O'Brien a distinguished intellectual, Irish Republican and grandson of Fenian William Smith O'Brien.

The Asgard sailed into Howth harbor on July 29 with Molly at the helm. The arms were handed over to the awaiting Irish Volunteers.

The Kelpie' captain, in order to avoid capture by the alerted British Navy, transferred its cargo to the Chotah owned by Sir Thomas Myles, a home rule advocate and surgeon. The Chotah unloaded its cargo at Kilcoole in Co. Wicklow under cover of darkness on August. 1st.

The smuggled cache of arms and ammunition was used by the Republican Volunteers in the Easter Rising of 1916.